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Campinho da Independência´s Quilombo - COUSCOUS ON CLOTH

Campinho da Independência´s Quilombo - COUSCOUS ON CLOTH


Cook: Cirlene Barreiro Martins, Margareth Garcia do Nascimento e Vagner do Nascimento


  • cornmeal
  • sugar
  • pinch of salt
  • milk
  • coconut
  • water

"In a bowl place the cornmeal, the sugar with a pinch of salt, bring the water and stir by hand, it must stay moist as well. Then take an agate plate, or a pot lid. Put the cornmeal and pressing to make the circle of the dish (the lid or plate are recipients) Then tie a cloth dish (involving the entire lid with the dough) and place the dish on a boiling pot ... the dish upside down that it will leave that "tail up". It's steamed cooked. To know if it is done, tap on the plate and when it's hollow, it's good. Then put inside another dish, add sweetened coconut on top. “